In this video, I’ll share the impressive results we’ve achieved using our custom templates and the same tools I recommend when testing websites.

From PageSpeed Insights to manual responsiveness checks and accessibility audits, see firsthand how our templates stand out.

Don’t miss out on the detailed breakdown, and learn how to optimize your own WordPress sites easily!

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0:00 – Introduction to PageSpeed Insights
0:11 – Overview and Tools Used
0:45 – Hosting Solutions Overview
1:25 – Performance Testing Details
1:57 – Responsiveness Testing Overview
2:11 – Accessibility Testing Overview
2:23 – KB Essentials Performance Results
4:15 – KB Essentials Responsiveness Results
5:03 – KB Essentials Compliance Results
6:28 – KB Pro Library Speed Results
7:33 – KB Pro Library Responsive Results
8:04 – KB Pro Library Compliance Results
9:37 – Outro and Summary

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