In this video, I discuss the high cost of neglecting your WordPress tech stack and share insights on how it can lead to security issues, slow down your site, and ultimately hurt your business.

I emphasize the importance of carefully selecting plugins, considering site scalability, and the impact on SEO and customer experience.

The aim is to encourage you to be strategic about your tech choices to save money and boost your site’s performance in the long run.

Check out this video as I delve into these crucial topics, offering tips and strategies for making informed decisions about your WordPress tech stack setup.

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[Time Stamps]
00:00 – Introduction
00:07 – Importance of a Tech Stack
00:41 – Security Vulnerabilities
02:15 – Site Performance Issues
02:57 – Downtime and Maintenance Costs
04:27 – Scalability Challenges
05:49 – Compatibility Problems
07:02 – Identifying Weaknesses in Your Tech Stack
07:59 – Limited Functionality and Innovation
10:06 – SEO and Visibility Impact
11:35 – Customer Experience and Conversion Rates
12:55 – Long-Term Financial Savings
14:01 – Best Practices for Optimizing Your Tech Stack
14:19 – Conclusion and Invitation for Questions

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